Intelligent Lighting

Lighting has evolved! – low power, high brightness without the flicker or the headache inducing tints, we have a solution.

Running over Cat6 data cabling this new system is innovative and as IT and data cabling experts as well as electrical we are perfectly placed to deliver.

What you will see

An innovative illuminating system that gives you an improved lighting environment and unrivalled control through our simple, well-executed solution. Experience lighting in a new way, with technology that adds real value to a building and to the lives of those living and working within it.

What you won’t see

A complex control system, proprietary software or costly customisation, commissioning and maintenance.

What you’ll feel

You’ll always feel in control and confident; the simple user interface delivers the information you need, how and when you need it. No problem, no stress.

The iMune® system is designed to immediately identify and report faults that occur in existing devices. The addition or replacement of any device is simple, without complex system management, ensuring minimal disruption.

Saving energy…a real breeze

Imagine you have the ability to view energy data for a single device or an entire building instantly. iMune® offers the ability to view current and historical energy usage and even forecast future energy savings in a logical way that is actionable.

Ideal for Productivity

Did you know that LED lighting could make you more productive? LED lights have a measurable positive effect on productivity and focus, particularly for demanding or challenging tasks such as reading, learning and working.

Research indicates that a clear increase in productivity and workplace output can be observed in commercial buildings that use LED lighting.

Professor Achyuta Adhvaryu, who conducted the research, found that because LED lighting doesn’t affect workplace temperature, it results in increased efficiency in a commercial setting – in the study’s case, 25 separate garment factories.

Other research has confirmed the link. Because LED lighting emits white light, which is similar to natural daylight, it has none of the negative effects on productivity that have been observed in buildings lit using fluorescent light bulbs.

Interestingly, LED lighting has also been linked to an increase in mood. People that work in buildings lit using LEDs are less likely to experience “burn out” during the work day and typically report a better-than-average overall mood.