Hosted Email

Our hosted email service provides an ultra reliable, stable and secure way of putting your email services in the cloud. We do not re-invent the wheel and use Microsoft Office 365 as the core service. This is proven to be the best solution for hosted email so why select anything else?

Where we are different is the added benefits we bundle into the hosted package. Our hosted email mailboxes are supplemented with our MessageAngel product for advanced content filtering and control, as well as Skykick for full mailbox cloud backup. All of this is supported by us in house, so no need for you to call Microsoft if you have a problem, we deal with all of this for you.

It’s a little known fact that Office 365 as standard does not backup your mailbox. It’s reliable, robust and geo-redundant, but if you delete data from your mailbox (for example a contacts folder) and do not realise for a few months, it’s not easily recovered. Avita Group have a solution for this – Skykick full mailbox cloud backup that ensures you can recover mailbox data if you need to.

MessageAngel is our email filtering solution, powered by Vipre Email Security (formerly FuseMail). It provides email security and continuity, making data protection that much easier for your business. Complying with legal and regulatory standards, MessageAngel will block around 98% of spam and 100% of known viruses, so you can open your inbox without fear.

Phishing, spear-phishing and whaling attacks are on the rise, and can be very sophisticated and convincing, especially to untrained staff. In one type of attack hackers research senior staff and impersonate them to defraud your business or gain unauthorised access to data. MessageAngel can provide an up-to-date level of protection against such attacks and when used with our WebAngel product, provides a high level of protection to your business.