Hosted Data

We have three off-the-shelf options for storing your data in the cloud, as well as a bespoke package option to provide clients with a truly customised system, fully managed by us in-house.

Microsoft provide SharePoint and OneDrive as part of Office 365 for file sharing with some advanced options, as well as customised web based interfaces. It’s an excellent way to deliver cloud-based data, especially when using the Microsoft Office suite. Avita Group can assist with the setup and configuration of this system, either as part of your hosted package or as a separate solution.

If SharePoint is too daunting we also have Datto Drive. This provides many of the benefits of SharePoint without the complexities of configuration and ongoing management. It’s very affordable and provides an excellent platform for online file sharing even on a global scale.

Our DataAngel Essentials backup service uses Livedrive at the core. Livedrive also has options for simple file sharing and while it does not offer the flexibility or advanced features of SharePoint, OneDrive or Datto Drive, it does provide a low cost and easy to use method of sharing data.

Contact us if you wish to discuss your cloud data storage and sharing requirements.