Laptops and Desktops

With long-term relationships with all the market leading manufacturers, we can supply laptops and/or desktops to meet your specification requirements. We have also been a custom PC builder since 1991 and can provide a fully customised PC system for your business or gaming needs. We also provide Apple devices, from laptops to tablets and desktops.

From a single laptop through to a global rollout of pre-configured customised workstations, we have the in-house expertise to deliver.


We have been providing server technology since the Banyan Vines and Netware days so we know how the technology has evolved. Whilst many companies are now putting their services in the cloud there is still a demand for on-premise systems and we are experts in finding the best solution for you.

With trained technicians on all versions of Microsoft systems we can advise on, and supply the server hardware including UPS protection, cooling and power advice, and ongoing support for this as part of a maintenance package.



To ensure your network is always performing at its best we recommend and supply Cisco, HP and Netgear devices, from a small 8 port switch at a branch office through to a multi-rack or full fibre or 10Gb and beyond system.

With our extensive experience across all areas of networking we can ensure you get the best products at the lowest prices to deliver above and beyond expectations.


Printers and Digital Imaging

In the modern ever-more technical workplace, it is now a requirement to connect your office devices to an IT system. Take the humble photocopier – this has now evolved into a full digital media solution, capable of copying, scanning, faxing, printing as well as offering multiple options for sorting your printouts.
Avita Group provides Ricoh copiers – they are market leaders and have built a reputation as the most reliable, high performance machines available. This is just one reason why we have never had a copier contract cancelled; something we are proud to shout about.
The other reason? We won’t impose a long-term contract on you or demand a minimum number of copies per month. Our maximum contract is three months and we are able to keep copy costs to a minimum backed by Ricoh qualified and trained engineers that have worked in the industry for over 20 years.

Our standard photocopier contract includes:

Call out within four hours
Parts and labour
Remote support and configuration where possible
Replacement copier service

But, if you want a copier or printer without a contract, we can also provide that. Whatever you need you can be confident the service and skills we provide are second to none.

We also provide printing solutions for the IT network, from a standard local mono laser printer through to an A0 plotter. Printers are often overlooked during the planning phases and users become frustrated when the printer is not fast enough or is lacking quality. Avita Group can help ensure the printers are right for the team avoiding lost productivity being spent fighting with a device that is not delivering.