Electrical Testing

As electrical equipment and installations tend to deteriorate with age, they should be inspected and tested regularly to ensure they are in the best possible condition for continued use. This provides peace of mind for you and may also save you the cost of replacing them completely!

Our detailed periodic inspections cover multiple areas. These include:

  • Checking to see if electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded or in danger of becoming so
  • Identifying potential electric shock risks and/ or fire hazards
  • Identifying defective electrical work
  • Testing wires and electrical equipment to check that they are safe

What does an inspection involve?

All inspections are carried out by our qualified professional electricians, who check the electrics’ condition against UK standards for electrical installation safety. An inspection accounts for circumstances surrounding the property and checks it against criteria such as the service condition of switches, sockets and light fittings, the wiring system, and possible wear and tear.

Finally, we will issue an ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report’ containing details of any damage, deterioration or defects. If potential danger is identified, the condition of the electrical installation is declared ‘unsatisfactory’, and remedial action is required immediately.

Your safety is our top priority. With 25 years experience, we strives to provide all customers with the best possible industry expertise.