WaterAid Audio Visual Project

Relocating the London office to Canary Wharf, WaterAid appointed leading design and build experts Morgan Lovell to deliver the project.

As one of Morgan Lovell’s preferred Audio-Visual partners, Avita Group were the obvious choice to provide the Audio-Visual solution for this prestigious fit out.

Using Microsoft Teams exclusively for their conferencing systems made the Crestron UC based system the obvious choice. This was installed in all conferencing rooms small, medium and large, with the larger and divisible rooms also utilising Shure MXA 910 beamforming ceiling microphones and QSC mixers for DSP and audio control.

A large breakout area utilises a 98” screen, with Shure Microflex handheld and lapel microphones for large meetings, linked to a hearing loop covering the entire area.

Speakers are all hidden above the ceiling in all areas and all rooms have Crestron control, including Microsoft Teams integration for simple user one touch conference calling.

Once again it was a pleasure working with Morgan Lovell and their other trade partners.

This project was carried out during the early stages of Covid 19 so site access and safety was more challenging than ever, but Morgan Lovell and Avita Group delivered on time and as planned, exceeding client expectations.

First Abu Dhabi Bank engage Avita Group to provide the Audio-Visual systems at their new London office.

Relocating the London office from Canary Wharf to Cannon Street, First Abu Dhabi Bank appointed leading design and build experts Morgan Lovell to deliver the project. As one of Morgan Lovell’s preferred Audio-Visual partners, Avita Group were the obvious choice to provide the Audio-Visual solution for this prestigious fitout. 

Working closely with the First Abu Dhabi Bank technical team, Avita Group were tasked with providing a sleek solution that kept all meeting rooms free of credenza-based hardware and was both technically advanced but very easy to use.  

The solution sees all core hardware in a dedicated comms rack, with only the essential items in each meeting room, minimising heat output and retaining the concept of no local credenza hardware.  

The entire system is controlled using Crestron at the core, with touchscreens and a custom, easy-to-use interface, with concealed speakers and ceiling microphones. Polycom video conferencing systems in all meeting rooms allow video and audio calling. 

Open areas and trading rooms all have large format screens with feeds to display news and Bloomberg channels and all areas have multi-time-zone digital clocks. 

It has been a real pleasure working with Morgan Lovell again and First Abu Dhabi Bank on this project. The team, across all companies including other Morgan Lovell partners, were extremely helpful and made the project delivery a smooth one. We look forward to working on future projects to continue to meet and exceed client expectations.

Avita Group now provides innovative LED lighting solutions from ISTL

ISTL is a UK-based innovator in the field of smart lighting solutions. They have developed a range of leading technology platforms in the field, many of them patented, and are using these to help customers dramatically improve their operational and maintenance efficiencies so they can focus on their core activities.

The ISTL iDrive® is unique in that the drivers can be installed centrally, away from the ceiling, and connected to the luminaires via Cat6a data cabling. This brings numerous benefits to the end user. Firstly, the maintenance headache of having to replace failed LED drivers in the ceiling, with all the associated disruption and cost, can be eliminated. Secondly, the system can be integrated easily with other smart IP-based building solutions. The drivers are also best in class in terms of efficiency and being fully flicker-free even when dimming, which combined delivers a sustainable, healthy, low overhead solution.

LED technology continues to commoditise and as a result companies rise and fall, with plenty of industry consolidation and fatalities. Companies are readily marketing “connected lighting” solutions, but very few offer true innovations of their own and lack a proven track record. Avita Group and ISTL can deliver a truly innovative, integrated, sustainable, and secure solution for the user and building occupant. We count ourselves among this peer group and believe our proven solutions in existing installations globally will be the key to our prolonged growth.

Excellent testimonial from Evoko’s UK distributor on our recent room booking project

Thanks to Samuel from Anders+Kern, it is a pleasure working with A+K too:
“Avita Group are a sheer pleasure to work with. The co-operation between myself and Julian Nimmo has meant that we could deliver a purely consultative approach for the Council’s key stakeholders. This collaboration covered key areas of importance such as user-centric value and technical implementation considerations for the purchase of a meeting room booking solution. Based on these reviews, the Evoko Liso was selected as the desired solution, along with a long-term version of our Support Contract. Avita Group swiftly organised and completed the next challenge of procuring the large number of Evoko Liso Room Booking Panels from Anders+Kern before executing the installation of the solution directly to the Customer’s expectations and timeline.” – Samuel Braund – Channel Account Manager (Anders+Kern UK Ltd)

Evoko Room Booking…

Following a successful technical consultation process, and in close partnership with Anders and Kern, the UK distributor for Evoko, we are about to roll out a room booking solution for over 50 rooms for a London council.

Avita Group now supplying mobile phones

We are now able to supply mobile phones with monthly or annual contracts, including full support and integration with our cloud telecoms system for a completely seamless telecoms experience.

This recent addition to our portfolio has been something many clients have asked for so we are pleased we can bring this service in house and take the pain away from clients when it comes to telecoms solutions.

Contact us today for further info.

Avita Group are recruiting

We are recruiting and have opportunities for an IT support technician, an Audio Visual Service Engineer and an Electrician.

These roles offer excellent packages, with potential to work in other parts of our business so the successful applicants will have the chance to work across all the sectors we supply.

Please contact us if you want to join the team