Staff Spotlight: Ian Wells – Operations Manager

At Avita Group, it’s really important we showcase our talented team. Ian has been with the company for just over 2 years, having been in the customer service industry for 39 years with different roles from front line support and project work to management.

Tell me about specific duties within your role

My role involves driving financial efficiency on business costs and streamlining process operations.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

It’s really wonderful to work with such a young, enthusiastic team!

What are the company’s overall goals for this year?

Our company’s goals for this year are to reduce operational costs, drive
efficiency, and grow the Junior roles within the apprentice programme – just to name a few!

How would you describe the teams dynamic?

I feel that we all share a friendly understanding of each and everyones job roles, which can enable us to quickly resolve any conflict positively and quickly. As a small close company, we drive efficiently and enable everyone to have an input on project and end-resolution goals. We’re great communicators, and I feel like in a work environment such as our one, this is vital for getting the job done quickly and thoroughly!

Why did you choose to work here?

Avita Group is a diverse company with multiple technical divisions which I personally find fascinating. It’s also a small, and friendly company – I particularly like Gary – But don’t tell him so!

How has Avita Group changed over the time you’ve been here?

I believe it has become more streamlined over my years working for the company, with a more focussed approach to the key services Avita Group provide to our clients.

What was the company’s biggest challenge last year, and how did you learn from it?

The main challenge, as I suppose with most companies last year, was the lack of staff interaction (in-person) due to COVID restrictions. It became apparent that even though we could all talk on Teams meetings and on the phone, the non-interaction within the office hampered the communication of the business to a degree. We all feel that as a technical company, day-to-day, face-to-face conversation increases knowledge flow, and can make workloads so much easier to deal with!

What is something you are particularly proud of?

My four children.

How do you spend your weekends?

At busy times in the year I like to help out on my family’s farm, mainly driving tractors and combine harvester. When I’m not doing that, I enjoy watching the F1 and spending time with my family and my partner.