First Abu Dhabi Bank London’s Microsoft Teams upgrade

First Abu Dhabi Bank appointed Avita Group to upgrade all London office meeting rooms to Native Microsoft Teams, including the main boardroom. This project is part of the Banks global move to standardise with Microsoft Teams.

The existing hardware was installed by Avita Group 36 months earlier, so much of this was re-provisioned including the Sony displays, Shure MXA-910 ceiling microphones, and the amplifiers and speakers.

First Abu Dhabi Bank selected Poly for the Microsoft Teams Room appliances, based on the G series range.

All the smaller rooms up to about 8 persons were upgraded using the Poly G-40T kits. These come with the excellent Poly Studio Video Bar, which has one of the best auto framing cameras on the market, and excellent audio characteristics, paired with a Poly G-10 Windows PC. The PC is actually a Lenovo that Poly uses as part of their G series, which makes an excellent partnership.

Teams is controlled using Polys GC8 on table touchscreen, making for a simple yet effective user experience.

Teams calling is fast and efficient and never complex.

The larger rooms still use the same G series, with the Lenovo based PC and GC8 touchscreen, but take full advantage of Polys Director II full tracking camera system for a production level calling experience, paired with Shure’s MXA 910 ceiling microphone and DSP for the very best full-room microphone pickup, even with 20 or more participants.

All works were completed on time and handed over to the client IT team for additional internal customisation.

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