Get your office Covid-safe with contactless access control…

Avita Group can provide Covid-ready contactless upgrades to your access control system

Upgrading your door access control system will allow doors to be unlocked without having to touch a button by use of IR technology.

Access control systems with finger print technology can be adapted to work with normal readers or face recognition for those clients wanting something more than a tag or card entry.
Depending on the system you currently have we can also fit longer-range readers and even readers that will use smart devices as access tokens to open the doors.

If you have a Paxton Access control system new software has been developed in recent weeks that allow your system to provide :

  • Contactless entry & exit for hygienic access, touchless entry and exit points to stop the spread of germs
  • Flexible access permissions that meet social distancing guidelines and limit access to high-traffic areas and implement one-way routes of movement to prevent cross-over and cross-contamination
  • Occupancy management so you know how many people are in your building and control people numbers to meet social distancing guidelines
  • Thermal scanning using cameras to support health and wellbeing in high security areas and identify people that could be at risk, quickly. Identify and help any person presenting a high temperature

As each client site is different we can only provide some indicative pricing until we know more about your requirements, but the price to simply change to a PIR reader will start from £95.00 + VAT and commercial grade automatic door openers from £1,750.00 + VAT.

If you don’t have Paxton access control but would like to discuss upgrading to Paxton from your current system we will be pleased to provide costs for your consideration.

The same IR technology can also be added onto controlled Audio Visual systems that will ‘wake up’ AV systems when people enter the room and thus avoid the need to use touch screens etc.

Please call, or mail, our sales team to discuss your requirements on 020 8663 0077 or