Avita Group now provides innovative LED lighting solutions from ISTL

ISTL is a UK-based innovator in the field of smart lighting solutions. They have developed a range of leading technology platforms in the field, many of them patented, and are using these to help customers dramatically improve their operational and maintenance efficiencies so they can focus on their core activities.

The ISTL iDrive® is unique in that the drivers can be installed centrally, away from the ceiling, and connected to the luminaires via Cat6a data cabling. This brings numerous benefits to the end user. Firstly, the maintenance headache of having to replace failed LED drivers in the ceiling, with all the associated disruption and cost, can be eliminated. Secondly, the system can be integrated easily with other smart IP-based building solutions. The drivers are also best in class in terms of efficiency and being fully flicker-free even when dimming, which combined delivers a sustainable, healthy, low overhead solution.

LED technology continues to commoditise and as a result companies rise and fall, with plenty of industry consolidation and fatalities. Companies are readily marketing “connected lighting” solutions, but very few offer true innovations of their own and lack a proven track record. Avita Group and ISTL can deliver a truly innovative, integrated, sustainable, and secure solution for the user and building occupant. We count ourselves among this peer group and believe our proven solutions in existing installations globally will be the key to our prolonged growth.